Bitcoin and our security policy

What is Bitcoin? It is the first and most famous of numerous cryptocurrencies, the symbol and the flagman of the cryptocurrency world; as well the monetary unit of the same name is circulated inside the system.

The volume of Bitcoin transactions increases every day, many users set up wallets for keeping the currency and make payments and as well exchange Bitcoin at exchanges. Our security policy is set up in such a way that the service users can be sure that their contracting party has the confirmed Nebeus profile and is a real person. This is very important for the exchange transactions and working with loans, as the payments security can be assured only in case of full user verification.

Issuing a Bitcoin loan assumes full trust towards the Borrower on behalf of the Lender; that is exactly why we try to obtain the full information about the users.

We hope for Nebeus service users’ understanding and we do our best to ensure maximum security of Bitcoin transactions.

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